Law Practice in Modern Educational Administration

Two Small Books in One:
Both a Must Read for Those Interested in the Field of Education

In the first section, the author covers ten areas of educational administration in which the services of legal counsel are an invaluable asset. Guidance is given to CEOs and governing boards in basic areas such as the attorney-client relationship, open meeting laws and preventive law.

Special attention is given to the practice of preventive law that involves dealing with legal matters before they mature into lawsuits. The environment sought in education is one devoted to instructional programs and the process of learning.

Lawsuits involving schools, colleges and universities take valuable time and resources away from instruction and support operations. Instructors and administrators are subpoenaed away from their work to give depositions and respond to discovery requests for their records and non-privileged documents. Attorneys for the educational entity require additional staff time and attention to prepare for and conduct hearings and trials.

The cost of all of this preparation and litigation make a substantial impact on budgets taking away financial resources more properly devoted to the educational programs. Resolving disputes before litigation is a worthwhile goal for all education entities. Preventive law is the answer.

In the second section, the author draws upon his background as an education lawyer for more than forty years laying out in anecdotal form short stories from his years of practice. These are all true stories and many provide interesting and valuable insights into the behind the scenes operations of educational institutions.

If you are interested in what goes on behind the scenes in public schools and colleges and enjoy expanding your horizons, you should acquire and read this book without delay.

"Ben Echeverria is a leading education attorney with forty years of multi-state experience representing K-12 school districts, community college districts and colleges. His in-depth knowledge, practical approach and clear writing all contribute to make this work an invaluable tool for both new and experienced superintendents, college presidents and chancellors." Ralph D. Stern, Past President, Education Law Association; Past Chair, National Council of School Attorneys